The campaign against Comer's plans to cram thousands more people
into even BIGGER tower blocks on the North London Business Park site

COMERS have APPEALED against Barnet Council's refusal

Comer Homes have appealed to the Government's Planning Inspectorate against Barnet Council's refusal to grant planning permission for almost doubling the size of the development from 1,350 to 2,419 units [link to planning application 21/4433/OUT]

This appeal will be heard and decided by a Planning Inspector appointed by the Government, not by Barnet Council, in a public hearing which is scheduled for 13th February 2024. The Inspector will see all the previously submitted objections to the planning application, and may hear submissions from interested parties. The appeal APP/N5090/W/23/3330577 is here, and there is a button to use if you wish to make a representation.

Around mid-January 2024, the Council will issue a letter to confirm the date and location of the inquiry. At this point you will be able to register your interest and request to speak at the inquiry. This will be at the discretion of the Planning Inspectorate. 

Residents would probably like to form a team to make representations to the Inspector, and this is possible under a mechanism known as "Rule 6". However, we have nobody to organise and lead this, so therefore any resident prepared to take on this challenge must please contact us ASAP. Thank you.

This page was updated on Sat 11-Nov-2023

The North London Business Park [NLBP] was previously known as The Nortel Site and before that as The Standard
(because it was owned by STC, the Standard Telephones and Cables company)
Comers call it Royal Brunswick Park